Time traditions: visit Saturday’s Buck Jenkins fish fry then spring ahead Sunday, at 2 a.m.

Nothing says foundation as well as time-honored traditions, and in Edgerton this weekend, there are two: first, with some 20 years behind it as a community event, for those looking forward to battered fish, prepared in the tradition of local fisherman Buck Jenkins, and served up in the local eatery and watering hole where the fishy behavior of both he and the late Jim “Plugger” Plautz all began: the Red Baron Tavern, 124 West Fulton Street, the Buck Jenkins Fish Fry will begin tomorrow at noon.

Monies earned through the fundraising event will benefit the Edgerton Communty Fund, a charitable endowment supported through donations and managed by the Janesville-based Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin (CFSW), the organization’s communications director Allison Hokinson said.

A large-scale event, members of the Edgerton Community Fund Advisory Board will be serving those in attendance and include: Jen Apfel, Tracy Deavers, Ramona Flanigan, Steve Hein, Wendy Oren, Tom Purnell, Jan Roethe, and  Shellie Yahnke.

The Edgerton Community Fund has been working with the CFSW since 2001, Hokinson said, and has, since that time, enjoyed the noteworthy distinction of having reinvested $50,000 back into the Edgerton community.

Past projects funded include:

• 2014 Sterling North Book and Film Festival ($2,000),

• Edgerton High School Band and Choir Trip to NYC ($5,000),
• Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Rock, Jefferson and Edgerton Big Brothers Big Sisters Program ($500),
• Edgerton Dog Park ($600),
• Edgerton City Hall Pottery Plaza ($1,500),
• Edgerton Middle School iRead Book Challenge ($1,000)
• School District of Edgerton-Artist in Residence ($200), and
• School District of Edgerton-4K Fall Fest “Trunk or Treat” ($900).

Donations can also be made through the CFSW website here.

Daylight saving time arrives on Sunday

Just like clockwork, daylight saving time has once again arrived, bringing an added hour of sunlight to evening schedules by setting clocks one hour ahead of what would otherwise be considered standard time, an activity which takes place at 2 a.m. Sunday, March 12. Daylight saving time will end on Sunday, Nov. 5, 2017.


fish fry 2017 photo


Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 3.00.51 PM

The Edgerton Community Foundation has created a placemat for the 2017 Buck Jenkins Fish Fry featuring a panel thanking its sponsors. (Supplied graphic.) 


Buck Jenkins

Longtime Edgerton resident now living in northern Wisconsin, Buck Jenkins (pictured) enjoyed fishing, and began the fish fry now bearing his name as a way to share his hobby and the bounty of its success with his friends and neighbors. While Buck, nearing 80, can not always attend, Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin Communications Director Allison Hokinson said, the spirit of his community-oriented and giving nature continues through this fundraising effort. (Submitted photo.)

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