Spring election April 4 2017 candidates guide

Following are races (opposed and unopposed) residents of Edgerton can expect to see on the general Spring Election 2017 ballot. The election will be held on April 4.

Those interested in following unofficial returns as polls close on April 4 may do so by visiting the following websites: In Rock County, find results here; in Dane County, find results here; for information about statewide races, visit here.

This guide may also be accessed from this site’s sidebar by clicking on the “I Voted” box.

Edgerton: City Council (constituencies in Rock and Dane counties):

Voters within the city of Edgerton headed to the polls on April 4 will find two aldermanic races, both with candidates vying to fill the remaining one year of two-year terms, and three incumbents running unopposed, each of whom will be seeking to fill two-year terms.

Those in contest will include: District 1 incumbent Corey Steen who is running against challenger Debbie Olson. The race will determine who will fill the one-year remainder of the two-year term vacated by Dave Thomas in September of last year. Likewise, in District 3, incumbent Paul Davis will face challenger Anne Radtke, with that race also determining who will fill the remaining one year left on a two-year term vacated by Chris Wellnitz in November. Both vacancies were created through resignation.

Incumbents running unopposed are: 10-term veteran (running for his 11th term) District 1 Alderperson Matt McIntyre, two-term District 2 office holder (running for a third term) Alderperson Candy Davis, and four-term District 3 office holder (running for a fifth term) Alderperson Mark Wellnitz.



District 1: Matt McIntyre

corey-headshot screen-shot-2017-01-04-at-8-39-10-pm candy-crop

District 2: Corey Steen, Debbie Olson, Candy Davis

paul-davis anne Mark Well screen

District 3: Paul Davis, Anne Radtke, Mark Wellnitz 

Note: a form was sent to each candidate asking them to answer several questions, including six, the answers of which could total up to 450 words overall. Following is how each candidate responded:

District 1, running unopposed: 

matt mcintyre photo

Name: Matt McIntyre

Age: 59

Address: 3 Mechanic Street, Edgerton

Running for: First District City Alderperson

Occupation: Goodin Company (plumbing, heating, industrial supplies for commercial and residential construction)

Number of years residing in community/school district: I have lived in Edgerton my whole life.

Education: Graduate of Edgerton High School, attended UW-Rock County, UW-Whitewater, Blackhawk Tech and Oklahoma City Tech School.

Civic and other organizational memberships: Past Jaycees member, former city representative to Edgerton Chamber of Commerce and volunteer for the Edgerton Book Festival.

Political experience: Former mayor and current city council alderperson. I have served on practically every city committee over the years, past chairperson of Edgerton’s Planning Commission and Public Safety Committee.

Reasons for seeking this position: Edgerton is a great place to live in. I have lived here my whole life, graduated from our great school system, and worked at the local factories years ago. I played sports, music and volunteered over the years for local causes. The people and businesses are wonderful in this city. I have tremendously enjoyed serving as your former mayor and currently on the city council over the years, helping our city move forward.

What are the most pressing issues facing the position you seek: (1) Always trying to attract more businesses and job opportunities for our citizens and city. This is very important because of the competition from other cities. We have had successes in our business parks and businesses around town. I think we are in a position now to further expand in this area; (2) we are in the first year of a multiyear sidewalk repair program. I, and others, have talked to many people which has led to giving property owners more options to hopefully reduce the cost of the repairs. I would like to explore the options to see how this could be included in our annual city budget as we do for other city projects; (3) always continuing to inform the citizens about city projects and operations early on so they can have a stake at the council deliberations that affect them personally before the decisions are finalized.

What unique perspectives do you bring: I have had substantial experience with various building projects and initiatives over the years for our city. I have worked with developers, contractors, business people and the general public improving our great city now and for future generations. I have greatly enjoyed this and hope to continue doing good things for you, your families, our businesses and other wonderful organizations within our city.

Additional comments: I would like to see the historic Dickinson Warehouse downtown renovated and developed into a unique business that compliments our other downtown businesses. I would also like to have more business establishments in the vacant area adjacent to the Edgerton Outreach Building, which borders South Main Street and Lawton Street. I want to continue to make sure our city departments have all the resources they need to keep our city of Edgerton safe, clean, and a vibrant and enjoyable place to live, shop and raise a family.

District 2 race: 


Name: Corey A. Steen

Age: 51

Address: 815 W Fulton St.

Running for: District 2 Alderperson

Occupation: Special Needs School Bus Driver and Home Craft Business

Number of years residing in community/school district: 15 yrs

Education: High School Diploma and Vocational Education.

Civic and other organizational memberships: Utility Commission, Personnel Board, Library Board, Public Safety Committee, Public Works Committee, Revolving Loan Fund Committee, Economic Development Committee and the Board of Health.

Political experience: The time that I have served as Alderperson since Dave Thomas retired.

Reasons for seeking this position: I have greatly enjoyed serving my community in the role as Alderperson and would love to continue doing so.

What are the most pressing issues facing the position you seek? Economic growth while maintaining the integrity and security of a small community.

What unique perspectives do you bring? As a mature father of two young boys and a School Bus Driver, I have a unique view of our community through the eyes of the children.

Additional comments: If elected to the Alderperson position I look forward to helping this community grow in a safe and positive manner.



Name: Debbie Olson

Age: 57

Address: 601 Washington Street, Edgerton

Running for: District No. 2 alderperson

Occupation: Real Estate Title Abstractor

Number of years residing in community/school district: Resident since 1995

Education: Janesville Parker High School graduate and various college and technical school courses.

Civic and other organizational memberships: Member of St. John’s Lutheran Church, Women of the Moose, Arbor Day Foundation, National Wildlife Federation, family involvement: Girl Scouts, Rock County 4-H.

Political experience: Attended and spoke at City Council, committee meetings.

Reasons for seeking this position: After raising two daughters in Edgerton’s schools and being involved with various activities, especially Girl Scouts, 4-H and sports, and years of involvement with citizens, it’s my turn to help my community. I want to be on city council to vote on city issues that affect the wonderful people and businesses in our city. I believe I can bring unique perspectives and ideas to the council table.

What are the most pressing issues facing the position you seek: (1) The sidewalk issue is very important, and will affect the whole city over the next few years. I was involved from the beginning in helping to bring awareness to multiple sidewalk repair options. I did a lot of research and spoke with many communities and contractors about repair alternatives. With help from the citizens, we were able to convince the city to amend its policy, allowing property owners a sidewalk square replacement option and not just full replacement; (2) carefully analyzing the budget, while scrutinizing the costs of outside consultants, and maintaining our city and street projects; (3) encouraging business development and job opportunities in Edgerton, which will help increase the tax base and keep people working in our community; (4) keeping our city safe is important. We must continue to provide support and funding for the Edgerton Police Department to adequately protect our community and keep citizens secure. Neighborhood involvement also plays a big role in our security.

What unique perspectives do you bring: As an outdoor person, I enjoy our beautiful parks and recreational facilities. I would love to see the bike and hiking trails expanded. My family rides on the trails and it would be great to travel all around our city on them. This gives us good exercise and outdoor enjoyment while seeing many unique areas around our city. I would also like to see Edgerton designated as a Tree City USA.

Additional comments: Edgerton is the “Gateway to Lake Koshkonong.” There are nearly 2,500 campsites plus hotel rooms and many second homes along the waterfronts filled with seasonal tourists within eight miles. There is a wealth of potential tourism dollars available. With a variety of businesses such as a movie theater, variety store, ice cream shop, candy store, etc., in addition to our great existing businesses, there would be more opportunities created within our fine city. It would be great to see Edgerton become a “Destination City,” which would bring more money and jobs into our city.

District 2, running unopposed: 


Name:  Candy Davis

Age: 61

Address: 434 Fairfield Circle, Edgerton

Running for: Alderperson, District 2

Occupation: Operations Manager

Number of years residing in community/school district: 23 years

Education: (Left blank by candidate).

Civic and other organizational memberships: Secretary/Treasurer for Edgerton Fire District Board

Political experience: (1) Edgerton Alderperson for District 2, for the past 6 years, (2) Past President of Common Council, (3) Chair of Personnel Committee, (4) Planning Commission council member, (5) Utilities Commission council member, (6) Finance Committee council member, (7) Redevelopment Authority Commission council member

Reasons for seeking this position: I feel I do a good job as Alderperson by trying to see all sides of current issues that come before the Council. I am very consistent with my voting decisions, to be fair with everyone and every issue that comes forward. However, if I am shown very good reasons to think differently about my decisions, I am very willing to listen and change my mind if it makes sense. I feel I make a positive impact on pressing issues that come before the Council.

What are the most pressing issues facing the position you seek: (1) Continued growth in Edgerton; both from a business and new resident perspective, (2) Budget constraints, (3) Levy Limits, (4) Continued cohesiveness with the City and the Edgerton Fire Department

What unique perspectives do you bring: My 35 years of working for a large Madison based business has helped with discussions on budgeting, people, operations, and overall general decisioning. I was not raised in Edgerton, but have lived here for the past 23 years, and have had 2 sons graduate from Edgerton High School. While history of the City is extremely important, bringing a diverse outlook is also important. I have the passion to continue to keep Edgerton a great place to live and raise a family.

Additional comments: (Left blank by candidate.)


District 3 race: 


Name: Paul Davis

Age: 53

Address: 341 York Rd

Running for: City Council District 3

Occupation: Service Representative BMO Harris Bank

Number of years residing in community/school district: Life

Education: Edgerton High School. UW-Eau Claire (Bachelor of Arts Degree)

Civic and other organizational memberships: Edgerton Knights of Columbus. Former member of the Towne Country Club Board.

Political experience: Edgerton City Council 2004-2008. Committees: Parks and Recreation (former chair), Public Works (present chair), Public Safety, Utilities, Redevelopment Authority.

Reasons for seeking this position: I believe Edgerton is a wonderful place to live and to raise a family. I also believe that I have a lot to offer to help us grow into a vibrant and thriving town, while maintaining that hometown feeling that many of us share.

What are the most pressing issues facing the position you seek: Like a lot of cities our size, we need to provide a safe and healthy place to live for the families and citizens we serve. At the same time, we must remain competitive in bringing opportunity into the city. Many people choose to live here because of the cohesiveness of our community. We can never lose sight of that.

What unique perspectives do you bring: I have lived here most of my life including raising my family here. I have seen and been a part of the many changes that have taken place here both good and maybe not so good. There are many people in town that I have known for several years and I have also had the opportunity to meet a lot of people who are new to the area. If you take the time to talk with people, you find out a great deal of what is important to them.

Additional comments: As long as we listen to each other and treat everyone with respect, we can accomplish anything.



Name: Anne Radtke

Age: (Left blank by candidate.)

Address: 309 Quigley Street, Edgerton, WI

Running for: City of Edgerton Alderperson

Occupation: Journey MHC

Number of years residing in community/school district: 25+ years

Education: Blackhawk Technical College

Civic and other organizational memberships: (Left blank by candidate.)

Political experience: Four years as Alderperson for the City of Edgerton.

Reasons for seeking this position: Would like to help the community.

What are the most pressing issues facing the position you seek? The most pressing issues would be keeping our community safe, having well planned growth and activities.

What unique perspectives do you bring? As a single parent, I understand the importance of keeping on budget and having a good balance of activities for our families to participate in.

Additional comments: I enjoyed being an Alderperson for the City of Edgerton in the past and I learned a great deal about local government. I would like to continue to give back to our community.


District 3, running unopposed:

Mark Well screen

Name: Mark Wellnitz

Age: 43

Address: 4-1/2 N. Catlin St.

Running for: Edgerton city council

Occupation: Carpenter

Number of years residing in community/school district: entire life

Education: Edgerton High School graduate 1992, Madison Area Technical College, Carpenter’s apprenticeship program.

Civic and other organizational memberships: served, over the course of my aldermanic history, on just about all the committees except utilities and RDA, I’m a past chairman of the park board and public safety committee, current chairman for the finance committee, current chairman for historic preservation committee, member of planning commission, board of review, and I’m council president this year.

Political experience: (same as above) been on council for 8 years.

Reasons for seeking this position: to try to continue to improve and serve the community.

What are the most pressing issues facing the position you seek: As usual the budget, and balancing the budget, while at the same time utilizing taxpayers’ money properly to keep the city functioning and make needed improvements.

What unique perspectives do you bring: I’ve been on different committees helping with different problems and I’m a carpenter so I think I have a unique perspective in helping with things. Also, I have a perspective on how local government works.

Additional comments: I enjoy my position on council and hope you will vote for me again.


Edgerton: Board of Education (constituencies in Rock, Dane and Jefferson counties):

Those voting for Edgerton Board of Education members will find the names of four incumbents placed on the ballot, all of whom are running unopposed. They are: Dr. Amy Horn-Delzer, Sue Tronnes, Jordan Wileman and Jon Raymond. All will fill three-year terms, with the exception of Raymond, who is finishing the one year remaining within a three-year term vacated by Steve Zartman through resignation in May of last year.


Note: a form was sent to each candidate asking them to answer several questions, including six, the answers of which could total up to 450 words overall. Following is how each candidate responded: 



Name: Amy Horn-Delzer

Age: 52

Address: 6400 W Valley Springs Rd, Janesville

Running for: Edgerton Board of Education

Occupation: Veterinarian

Number of years residing in the community/school district: 25 years

Education: Undergrad studies at UW-River Falls, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from UW-School of Veterinary Medicine

Civic and other organizational memberships: I am a member of Fulton Church and leader in the Fulton AWANA Club. I have served on the WEpac Board for 9 years, and recently served on the Edgerton School District Strategic Planning Committee. I am also a member of several professional organizations.

Political experience: I have served on the Edgerton Board of Education for 9 years. In addition to serving as president of the Board for 2 years and vice-president for 5 years, I have served on many board committees.

Reason for seeking position: I am very pleased with the direction that the Edgerton School District is moving. Students have more opportunities than ever before to take a wide variety of classes for college and career prep. We have new student assessment tools in place, are very close to having a teacher compensation plan, have begun a comprehensive facility study, are working to update policies, have been using Studer to survey and improve areas of need in the schools, and have a strategic plan in place to align everything we do. I would like to continue to see the positive growth and forward momentum of the district and do my part to help in this process. I strongly believe that all children deserve a good education. I believe in the public-school system and feel privileged to be able to serve Edgerton Schools in this way.

What are the most pressing issues facing the position you seek: I have answered this question similarly each time I have run for the Edgerton School Board, and unfortunately, most other districts in Wisconsin are facing the same issue. That issue is funding. During this spring election alone, there will be 65 school referendums on ballots throughout Wisconsin. And this comes on the heels of 155 school referendums for 2016. It remains a continuous challenge to balance the budget year after year using the same revenue cap while expenses continue to rise. As a district, Edgerton has run a very lean budget for years, and has taken advantage of many cost saving measures to provide the necessary resources for our students. Again, as we look to the upcoming budget, it is obvious that the needs will be greater than the resources, and difficult decisions will have to be made.

What unique perspectives do you bring: We have nine dedicated board members in Edgerton, and each comes to the table with their unique gifts. My longevity on the board allows me to contribute historical perspective to the board. My current professional position, along with serving on the Policy Committee for the past 9 years gives me familiarity with policy and state statutes.

Additional comments: Thank you, Edgerton Community, for allowing me to serve on the Edgerton School Board for the past 9 years. If re-elected, I look forward to continuing my service.



Name: Sue Tronnes

Age: 52

Address: 739 State Road 73, Edgerton

Running for: School Board Member

Occupation: Office Manager at i90 Enterprises, Edgerton

Number of years residing in community/school district: 52

Education: 1983 – high school graduate, Edgerton, 1987 – Bachelor of Business Administration – Business Management, UW-Whitewater

Civic and other organizational memberships: St. Joseph Catholic Church – Parish Pastoral Council – 2+ years

Political experience: Edgerton School Board Member – 12 years

Reasons for seeking this position: I have served on the Edgerton School board for 12 years and I am very proud of what our district has accomplished and how we are positioning ourselves to continue to have a positive impact on our students. Local control over the education of our youth is very important.

During the past year, the district has embarked on 2 especially important initiatives. With Studer Education Group, the district is working to develop a strong and clear strategic plan for the district and to further strengthen our leadership team. As a result of this process, we will be better able to provide our students, staff and community with the excellent education and workplace that is deserved and expected.

Additionally, a complete assessment of all our district facilities is underway. We are looking at all district buildings and property to determine what maintenance and improvement needs exist and also how effective the environment is for providing quality education to our students. This assessment will help determine future facility needs. We will use this information about future needs for our current decisions and therefore spend our district money as efficiently as possible.

Funding for education has been very challenging and that challenge is expected to continue. Using our district funds wisely is a very important role of our Board. I feel that both of these initiatives are helping us to wisely move forward and I am proud to be a part of this process.

What are the most pressing issues facing the position you seek: The position of School Board Member has the responsibility of working together with all other board members to provide the district with the most capable leadership team. With the guidance of the Studer Education Group, our district leadership is poised to move to the next level and our district can expect to have even more positive results for the community.

Test scores and accountability have become increasingly important in education. Using the data provided from tests scores and survey results is key to our continued success. I encourage and appreciate the use of solid informative data while we develop plans and strategies.

Lastly, funding for education has been increasingly difficult and our district has made many smart decisions that have helped maintain a strong financial position. Going into the future, we are going to continue to be challenged and our decisions are going to become increasingly difficult. All of our district staff have made tremendous sacrifices and we will need to be diligent in retaining and developing top notch staff. A new teacher compensation model is being developed and I am hopeful that this plan is a positive first step in retaining our many strong teachers & staff who are working hard for our children. At the state level, I hope that increased funding for education becomes a priority.

What unique perspectives do you bring: As a former student and parent of 2 children, I have much historical knowledge and pride in the district. I also have served 3 previous school board terms. With my background in business, I am able to apply that knowledge and experiences to help the district continue to excel.

Additional comments: I am thankful and humbled by all the support I have been given from the community as your representative on the school board. I plan to continue to work hard at ensuring our district is successful now and into the future.


Jordan Wileman

Name: Jordan Wileman

Age: 23

Address: 811 Hillside Road, Edgerton, WI 53534

Running for: Edgerton School Board

Occupation: (Left blank by candidate)

Number of years residing in community/school district: 23

Education: BBA – Business Management, UW-Whitewater

Civic and other organizational memberships: (Left blank by candidate)

Political experience: Edgerton School Board (2014 – 2017)

Reasons for seeking this position: Improve the education of students in our district. I’d also like to see more citizen involvement in the discussions at board meetings. One of my biggest surprises to me, has been the lack of feedback that I have received from the vast majority of community members.

What are the most pressing issues facing the position you seek: Preparing students for life after graduation – whether that be post secondary schooling or the workforce.

What unique perspectives do you bring: I’d like to think that I bring a different viewpoint – that of someone who has recently been in our schools. I have seen what works and what doesn’t from the viewpoint of a student and now as a board member.

Additional comments: I’d appreciate your support on April 4th.



Name: Jon Raymond

Age: 53

Address: 509 Blaine Street, Edgerton

Running for: School Board

Occupation: Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator for Kikkoman Foods Inc, Walworth

Number of years residing in the community/school district: 20

Education: Graduated from Carthage College, Kenosha WI – Triple Majors: Geography Conservation and Natural Sciences

Civic and other organizational memberships: Serve on the Fontana Walworth Water Pollution Control Commission as a Commissioner; Serve as an Advisory Board Member for the Wisconsin Safety Council.

Political experience: Past and current school board member.

Reason for seeking position: I am seeking this position because I believe it is the right of all children to receive a quality education. My children Brek and Danielle Perry received a high quality education attending Edgerton School from Kindergarten to graduating High School. I feel responsible to pay it forward and to say thank you to all in the school district that helped mold my children.

What are the most pressing issues facing the position you seek: School finance and teacher retention are two pressing issues. Schools operate on a fixed budget, not like private industry, which generates a profit to continue funding its enterprise. The State keeps changing the funded amount each year and this makes it challenging to meet all the needs for school operations. We want to be able to provide children every opportunity to learn and grow in the 21st century and this costs money. We want to provide safe and secure facilities for children to learn and this costs money. We want our children to learn from the finest and smartest teachers and this costs money. The Edgerton School District is a high quality learning institution because of the teachers, support staff and employees who work here caring for our children’s education. We need to keep ESD a great place to learn and a great place to work. And by doing so ESD adds value to every taxpayer in the District. Operating and maintaining the school district while we keep our great teachers and employees is a fiscal juggling act.

What unique perspectives do you bring: Our school board is made up from a wonderful cross section of talented people who each brings unique value and perspective to the board. I believe I bring a perspective of regulatory compliance, scientific thinking and a pragmatic approach to problem solving. I have been involved in many building projects over my career. I feel this adds value to the buildings and grounds committee.

Additional comments: I look forward to serving the community the best I can. I am receptive and welcome receiving input from those I serve.


Fulton: Town board: Three unopposed candidates will each be seeking reelection to two-year terms within the Fulton Town Board. They are, Chairperson Evan Sayre, and supervisors Scott Farrington and Kerry Hull.


Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 4.05.14 PM farrington hull

Evan Sayre, Scott Farrington, Kerry Hull

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 4.05.14 PM

Name: Evan Sayre

Age: 74

Address: 8203 N. County Road H, Edgerton

Running for: Fulton Town Board, chairman

Occupation: self-employed, farmer

Number of years residing in community/school district: lifelong resident except for two or three years when I was younger.

Education: college graduate of the University of Wyoming, with a Bachelor of Science degree

Civic and other organizational memberships: Edgerton school board for 12 to 14 years, Edgerton fire district (still on that) 10 years, Fulton Town board as chair for 10 years.

Political experience: dealing with the local issues; that’s what I’ve done on all these boards.

Reasons for seeking this position: They couldn’t find anybody else to do it. I’m semi-retired so it gives me something to do.

What are the most pressing issues facing the position you seek? Financing for the infrastructure, the roads, the way the state’s dealing with this road situation is just deplorable. Nobody wants to raise taxes, but the only way to fix the roads is to generate some money and go fix them. Thirty-five or 40 years ago they scraped up enough money to build these roads and now we can’t even fix them.

What unique perspectives do you bring? I basically try to gather reasonable facts that apply to the thing and come up with something that’s doable and makes sense. It’s basically common sense.

Additional comments: none.



Name: Scott Farrington

Age: 45

Address: 8239 County Road F, Edgerton

Running for: Fulton Town Board, supervisor

Occupation: self-employed, farmer

Number of years residing in community/school district: 45 years

Education: 1990 graduate of Edgerton high school

Civic and other organizational memberships: Edgerton wrestling club as coach for high school, middle school and youth for 20 plus years.

Political experience: on the town board for 12 years, planning and zoning board for 3 years before that, and numerous inter-township boards.

Reasons for seeking this position: To help out the community and do my civic duty that I think people should try and do inside their communities.

What are the most pressing issues facing the position you seek? The No. 1 thing facing the township is budget and shortfalls, and road maintenance. The town is running pretty smoothly right now.

What unique perspectives do you bring? I’m a lifelong member to the community and I know the community pretty good, north, south, east, and west, and I know the people, and the things that go on inside the community, and the history of it.

Additional comments: I’ve been on the board for a long time and I enjoy it. It’s a lot of work and time away from your family, but I enjoy doing it.



Name: Kerry Hull

Age: 66

Address: 7818 N. Consolidated School Road, Edgerton

Running for: Town of Fulton Supervisor

Occupation: self-employed, farmer

Number of years residing in community/school district: 37

Education: Bachelor of Science degree, UW-Stevens Point

Civic and other organizational memberships: Milton FFA Alumni, International Hunter Education Association.

Political experience: Fulton town board, 25 plus years; former member of Badgerland Farm Credit Board.

Reasons for seeking this position: continuing the public service.

What are the most pressing issues facing the position you seek: It’s just balancing the township’s needs with lower township income. Our biggest responsibility is roads and the amount of money we get from the state steadily decreases, and as the road age, the price of fixing them goes up much higher than what we have to fix them. So it’s a balancing act to keep the roads up and the taxes down and still have all the other services the citizens want.

What unique perspectives do you bring: I don’t bring anything unique. I just have a conservative fiscal outlook. We do our best to keep our taxes down because we don’t want to pay any more than we have to either.

Additional comments: (none)


State Race: DPI School Superintendent:

Tony_Evers 200px-Lowell_Holtz

    Tony Evers            Lowell Holtz 

Two candidates will vie for the position of State Superintendent of Public Instruction which carries a four-year term. They are two-term incumbent Tony Evers and challenger Lowell E. Holtz, a former Whitnall School District superintendent, Greenfield. Voters will recall, albeit a low turnout (approximately 8 percent of the voting-aged population in Wisconsin), Evers received 70 percent of primary votes cast in February and Holtz received 23 percent.Full bios for each candidate are here: Evers, Holtz.


State Race: State Supreme Court:


Annette Ziegler

Incumbent Supreme Court Justice Annette K. Ziegler, Middleton, is running unopposed. Information from her official bio states that she was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and received her bachelor’s degree in psychology and business administration from Hope College, Michigan, in 1986. She earned her law degree from Marquette University in 1989. She received Hope College’s Distinguished Alumni Award in 2014. After graduation, Ziegler was in private practice, engaged in civil litigation. Before serving as a circuit court judge, she was an assistant United States attorney for the Eastern District of Wisconsin. She served as a Washington County circuit judge, coming to the bench first through appointment in 1997, and then election in 1998 and 2004. Ziegler sat as a Court of Appeals Judge, District II Court of Appeals Judicial Exchange Program, in 1999. As Justice, Ziegler is the chair of the Judicial Education Committee and is court liaison to the Board of Bar Examiners. She also serves on the Commission on Uniform State Laws. She served on the Governor’s Juvenile Justice Commission from 2011 to 2016. She is married with three children. Her complete bio can be found here.


Wisconsin Court of Appeals District IV (including Rock and Dane counties):


Michael Fitzpatrick

With incumbent Paul B. Higginbotham filing a notification of non-candidacy, candidate Michael R. Fitzpatrick, Janesville, is running unopposed for the seat being vacated by Higginbotham, which carries a six-year term. Higginbotham began his term of service in 2003 and has served as a presiding judge since 2007. Fitzpatrick is currently a sitting circuit court judge in Rock County. Bio can be found here.


Rock County: Circuit Court Branch 6:


John Wood

Incumbent John M. Wood, Janesville, is running unopposed. The length of term for circuit court judges is six years. Bio can be found here.



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