Ben Ruck is Edgerton’s ‘Student of the Month’

Editor’s Note: following is supplied content from the Edgerton School District. 

The Student of the Month for May is Ben Ruck. Ben was nominated by Mrs. Langan, Mrs. Tate, and Ms. Dresen.

Mrs. Langan and Ms. Dresen each wrote on their nomination form about Ben’s character, particularly on class trip. Mrs. Langan said: “While on the Senior Class Trip to Washington D.C., Ben volunteered to help another student who had physically injured himself. Without being asked, Ben stepped to the plate and made it his ‘job’ to assist this student, and he assisted for the entire trip. This involved getting a wheelchair on and off the bus as well as pushing it for miles. He did this because he is a nice person and because he likes helping others. I cannot say enough about how helpful this was to all of the chaperones.

“Ben’s willingness to help also showed his leadership skills as it encouraged other students to assist as well. Ben always made sure the student never felt like a burden. All of the chaperones were so impressed with Ben’s positive attitude, and we all feel Ben went above and beyond what anyone would have expected of him. He did it with a smile on his face and was genuinely happy to help everyone out. Ben is an exceptional young man who plans to join the Marines after graduation, and I believe he is a perfect example of what Edgerton High School’s Student of the Month should be.”

Ms. Dresen also wrote about Ben’s “willingness to be a team player while on class trip.” In addition, Ms. Dresen said: “From what I know about Ben through hallway and sporting event conversations, I can honestly say that he is one of the kindest kids from this senior class. His positive attitude, ear to ear grin, and genuine heart are just some things that come to mind when I think of Ben, which is why he deserves to be recognized as Student of the Month.”

Mrs. Tate said: “Ben easily meets all of the qualities we look for in Student of the Month. He is a strong student and is involved in a wide variety of activities including sports, Tider Talk, and Interact where he has been an active member in several community projects. He has found small ways throughout the year to thank me for various things, and I don’t know if he realizes the impact that those small gestures have. Ben is a very kind, generous, respectful and funny young man who very much deserves the Student of the Month award.”

Several other students were nominated for Student of the Month. They include Sam Deegan, Bergen Larson, Lacie Knott, and Abby DeWar. Congratulations to all of these students.


Ben Ruck picture

May’s Student of the Month: Ben Ruck

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